Study Process

The study is expected to conclude in approximately one year and will follow the federal National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process and will produce a document known as an Environmental Assessment (EA). 

By following this federal process, the study team is able to balance the need for safe and efficient track re-routing alternatives with any potential impacts to the human and natural environment. The study team will consider a variety of factors that may have an impact on the environment. Factors such as socio economics; cultural resources; vibration; air, noise and water quality and more will all be analyzed and the final findings will be submitted to the responsible federal agency and the public for review.   

Federal, state and local agencies are working together to assure this study is comprehensive and that key issues and concerns are understood. 

  • City of South Bend
  • County of St. Joseph
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Federal Railroad Administration 
  • Federal Transit Administration
  • Indiana Department of Transportation
  • Michiana Area Council of Governments
  • Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation
  • South Bend International Airport
  • Area Planning Commission